My Everyday Beauty Essentials

Hello! It’s about time I share all my makeup products I use on a daily basis. Some are new + others have been with me FOREVER because I can’t live without them. When it comes to makeup, I keep it really simple on a daily basis, but if it’s a special occasion I tend to up my game up a bit. 

  1. Vita-Active Foundation– I’ve been using this foundation for a couple of months and I’m obsessed. I would say it’s medium coverage, but covers up any discoloration or breakouts on the skin. I love that even though I have foundation on, my skin still looks like skin. It doesn’t look like I have a ton of makeup on. An awesome bonus is that its packed with fabulous ingredients like, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, beta-carotene, and seaweed brighteners. If you like a more natural face + want to reap the rewards of using good ingredients for your skin, you’ll love this just as much as I do. 
  2. Too Faced Born This Way Concealer– This concealer has extreme coverage. You literally only need a small amount and it will cover up ANYTHING. I can still use this by itself if I don’t feel like putting on foundation and it blends in pretty nicely. This concealer has to be set with a setting powder because it will crease. 
  3. Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil– Brows, my favorite part of my routine. I have been using this pencil forever. I have tried every pencil out in the beauty industry and this is the BEST. This pencil has a lot of pigment, so I never have to go over an area more than once. Which means my brow pencil will last me a lot longer. Now I will say when I first started using a thin brow pencil like this, it took some getting used to. Remember you are not coloring your brows. You are creating hair like strokes with this. Try using small movements and use a very light hand. 
  4. Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter– Another must have for my brows. This is a clear gel that holds my hairs in place and brow product. It’s like hairspray for your brows. I like to brush my hairs up to give it more of a full + fluffy look, so this does the trick. A little goes a long way with this product. 
  5. L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara– I have yet to find a mascara that I cannot live without, but I have been using this one for many years. I have very long straight lashes and because of that I have to use waterproof to really hold them up. If I use a non-waterproof mascara my lashes fall within 5 minutes of application. Now because this is a waterproof mascara I do have to use an oil at night to remove it, but my lashes are not damaged from using this. 
  6. Tarte Pressed Finishing Powder– This is a translucent pressed powder that does a great job at absorbing all my unwanted oils. I like to use a pressed powder compared to loose powder because a lot of the loose powders contain baby powder and I prefer not to put that on my skin. 
  7. Tarte Blush|Exposed– I wear this blush every day. It is the perfect shade of pink for my skin tone and it blends into the skin so nicely. And the color stays all day! Definitely a must! 
  8. Tarte Hoola Bronzer– This has been my go to bronzer for a while. It’s a matte finish that looks good on every skin tone. This bronzer is right in between cool and warm and this product last forever. I’ve had mine for a year and I still have a ton of product left. 
  9. Tarte Rose Gold Liquid Highlight– I love this highlight! It gives me a nice glow to the skin and blends in very easy with any foundation. 
  10. Tarte Eyeshadow Palette– I use this same palette every single day. It’s good for daytime + night looks. This palette has alot more warm toned colors and blends very nicely into the skin. I like to use the color candle in the inner corner of my eyes to make them pop. 
  11. Davines Leave in Spray– This is a leave in conditioning spray that prevents frizz. I have super thick – wavy hair, so this works wonders for me. I spray this in my hair right after the shower + let it air dry. It smells delicious too. 

If you’re wondering why I didn’t put anything for lips, its because I haven’t found that perfect lip color for me yet. I use a different lipgloss/lipstick all the time because I can’t seem to find one that I can’t live without. If ya’ll have a favorite nude lip product, let me know!

This is it! This is everything that I use on a regular basis + I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. If you have any questions, ask away!


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