One Year Anniversary in San Francisco

One Year Anniversary in San Francisco

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Whew! One year already?! How is it that each year keeps going by faster and faster? I guess its true when they say, “time goes by fast when you’re having fun.” That’s definitely the case with this guy. Keith and I were hoping to go somewhere pretty epic for our one-year anniversary, but moving into a new place, starting school, and beginning a new job just didn’t give me any room to plan. Neither of us had been to San Francisco and we were blown away by how much there was to do.

First off, we stayed at the cutest Airbnb! We chose to stay in a tiny home even though we are both pretty large human beings, but it was the greatest experience. Our shower was outside, which was a little concerning because it was pretty chilly. Surprisingly it was so refreshing and I only would like to shower outside from now on. We could have stayed at any other place that probably would have been a little more on the comfy side, but we figured this would be a place we’d never forget 20 years from now. (Our Airbnb Home)

The next couple of days we tried to hit up as much as we could. We went to Sanoma and Napa Valley for wine tasting. Yummy! We explored the National Muir Forest, which was breathtaking. If you don’t know, Fishermans Warf is well known for their clam chowder and it was BOMB! And of course, we couldn’t leave without walking the Golden Gate Bridge. These are all the places I highly recommend to visit, but there’s so much more to do as well.

To sum things up, we were so grateful to be able to travel to San Francisco and it ended up being pretty epic because (not to be too cheesy) anywhere I go with Keith is an adventure. I’m looking forward to a long life with many adventures to go on. We would love any recommendations on where to go to next. We are up for anything!